Under the title “Dropping out and difficulties in transitions to vocational training. Problems, challenges and new approaches”, the Second OrientaFP Conference addresses the issue of dropping out of Vocational Training. It deals with its specific features as a stage in the education and training system, taking an overall view that can provide aspects for reflection when it comes to inspiring policies, but also strategies for day-to-day work in classrooms and workshops.

Who we address?

The Conference is specially addressed to:

● VET Teachers
● Policymakers
● Technical managers of education and training services
● Guidance services and job placement devices
● VET Researchers and educational researchers in general
● NGOs
● Companies involved in VET
● Trainers
● Students

Conference goals

1. Review and discuss potential critical factors that are specifically involved in VET dropout
2. Share ideas, strategies, actions and instruments that can contribute to the improvement, the prevention or intervention of VET dropout
3. Raise awareness in the educational community about the problem of VET dropout

Fet amb Padlet

How to arrive?

Palau Macaya (Caixaforum Macaya) · Pg. de Sant Joan, 108, 08037 Barcelona

Nearest public transport: Verdaguer metro station – L4 and L5 – 3 minutes walk

Nearest car parks:
Pg. de Sant Joan, 11 – parking 1 minute walk
Pg. de Sant Joan, 118 – parking 1 minute walk
C / de Mallorca, 335 – parking 5 minutes walk